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Prepared by the League of Women Voters Editors: Kay Browne, Northampton County Ann Bartholomew and Barbara Williams, Lehigh County

ABOUT THE GUIDE The League of Women Voters in publishing this material neither endorses nor rejects the views of any candidate quoted, and does not assume responsibility for the contents of any candidate's reply.


The League of Women Voters of the United States is a national, nonpartisan organization which works to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in their government. It does not support or oppose any political party or candidate for public office, but encourages its members to participate as individuals in the party of their choice. After due study, it takes action on governmental issues without regard to the stand of any party.

Northampton County League phone number: 610-252-1339

Candidates appear in ballot order. Republicans are listed first in each race, as Pennsylvania currently has a Republican governor. Where candidates are on both ballots, the Republican ballot order is used. Only candidates in contested races were asked to provide information.

Misspellings have not been corrected by the League of Women Voters. /// indicates a candidate exceeded the allowed word limit.

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