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Prepared by the League of Women Voters Editors: Kay Browne, Northampton County Ann Bartholomew and Barbara Williams, Lehigh County

ABOUT THE GUIDE The League of Women Voters in publishing this material neither endorses nor rejects the views of any candidate quoted, and does not assume responsibility for the contents of any candidate's reply.


The League of Women Voters of the United States is a national, nonpartisan organization which works to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in their government. It does not support or oppose any political party or candidate for public office, but encourages its members to participate as individuals in the party of their choice. After due study, it takes action on governmental issues without regard to the stand of any party.

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The Primary Election on May 20,2014 will be for candidates in the major political parties seeking their party's nomination to be the candidate in the General Election on November 4. Information provided by candidates will be published here and in The Morning Call on May 8.

Candidates for U.S. Congress, Governor, State Senator (even-numbered districts only), and State Representatives will be featured on this page closer to the election. Since the districts candidates hope to represent are changing, we will try to include every person on the Primary ballot so voters may become familiar with them.

You must be registered in a party to vote for candidates. Independents may vote only for questions on the ballot in the Primary Election, if there are any. In the General Election you may vote for any candidate on the ballot. State Senators and State Representatives will be running from districts that are different from today's districts, since reapportionment following the federal census was delayed and will be implemented in December 2014, following this year's election.


Candidates appear in ballot order. Republicans are listed first in each race, as Pennsylvania currently has a Republican governor. Where candidates are on both ballots, the Republican ballot order is used. Only candidates in contested races were asked to provide information.

Misspellings have not been corrected by the League of Women Voters. /// indicates a candidate exceeded the allowed word limit.

General Information

Voters' Guide for the Primary Election, May 20, 2014

General information and statewide candidates

Robert Guzzardi is no longer on the ballot as a Republican candidate for governor.

Congressional Races

Lehigh Valley Primary Election races

All candidates were asked to provide personal information and answer a question

Pennsylvania Senate

Pennsylvania House of Representatives


Congress is the legislative branch of the federal government. It is composed of two houses. The upper house is the Senate. The lower house is the House of Representatives. A majority vote by both houses is necessary to pass a law. Every law concerned with taxation must originate in the House of Representatives. Representatives are elected by district.

Term: two years

Base salary: $174,000

Candidates were asked:

How do you believe the Voting Rights Act should be amended in the light of the U.S. Supreme Court actions?

15th Congressional District

All of Lehigh County

Part of Northampton County: City of Bethlehem (Northampton County Portion) (Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16 and part of Ward 17; townships of Allen, Bushkill, East Allen, Hanover, Lehigh, Lower Nazareth, Lower Saucon, Moore, Plainfield (Belfast, Kesslersville and Plainfield Church districts), Upper Nazareth (West District) and Williams; boroughs of Bath, Chapman, Hellertown, North Catasauqua, Northampton and Walnutport.

Parts of Berks, Dauphin, and Lebanon counties.

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Charles W. Dent


D.O.B.: 1960

EDUCATION: William Allen High School, 1978; Penn State University, B.A. Foreign Service and International Politics, 1982; Lehigh University, Masters of Public Administration (MPA), 1993

OCCUPATION: U.S. Congressman

QUALIFICATIONS: U.S. Congressman; 15th District (2005-present); State Senator, 16th District (1999-2005); State Representative, 132nd District (1991-1998)

RESPONSE: I strongly oppose the disenfranchisement of any voter based on race or color. In 2006, I voted in favor of the reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. In light of the recent Supreme Court ruling that struck down a key component of the law, Congress should make reforms that conform to the court's decision and ensure our nation lives up to the guiding principal that all men and women are created equal.


No candidates


In Northampton County: Cities of Bethlehem (Northern County portion) Ward 17 all except blocks 1026, 1123, 2018 and 2055 of tract 11300, and Easton. Townships of Bethlehem, Forks, Lower Mt. Bethel, Palmer, Plainfield District Delabole, Upper Mt. Bethel, Upper Nazareth District East, and Washington; Boroughs of Bangor, East Bangor, Freemansburg, Glendon, Nazareth, Pen Argyl, Portland, Roseto, Stockertown, Tatamy, West Easton, Wilson and Wind Gap. Parts of Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe and all of Schuylkill Counties.

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No response



DOB: 1965

EDUCATION: Embry-Riddle 1983, U of MD 1986

OCCUPATION: Professional Racing Driver / Team Owner / Engineer + Small business owner.

QUALIFICATIONS: I have been engaged in the political process since 1992, ran for State Senate in 2010, have worked on other campaigns and supported other candidates as well.

RESPONSE: The original intent of the Voting Rights Act in 1965 was to ensure that all citizen's right to vote was protected. I believe that this goal has been achieved and the Supreme Court was correct in its ruling. I don't think it should be amended in any way except to add mandatory voter ID requirements in all federal elections, since voter fraud is now the biggest threat.


Wind Gap

D.O.B.: 1997

EDUCATION: 1995 Graduate Pen Argyl High School; 1998 Associate Professional Pilot, N.C.C.C.

OCCUPATION: Pilot + Captain for commercial operator, LR Services, based at the ABE Airport. (A woman owned business)

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Loving husband and father of three children; 2. Wind Gap Borough Board member three years; 3. Youth leader at church's youth group, 2 years.

RESPONSE: I do not. There is still oversight to protect our citizens but power should belong to the states to ensure a process that protects the integrity of our elections.




D.O.B.: 1961

EDUCATION: 1983, Hamilton College, Bachelor of Arts, History; 1986, University of Pennsylvania, Juris Doctorate, Law

OCCUPATION: U.S. Representative, PA-17

QUALIFICATIONS: U.S. Representative, Sworn-in on January 3, 2013

RESPONSE: Shelby v. Holder essentially gutted the Voting Rights Act. As a result of the decision the VRA's "pre-clearance" process was substantially weakened. However, legislation has been introduced to expand pre-clearance and add other protections currently lacking in the act. This legislation is not the answer, but is a good start.


The Pennsylvania General Assembly is the legislative branch of the State Government. It is composed of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. A majority vote of both houses is required to pass a law.

Note: All districts for state senator and state representative have changed since the last election.


Term: 4 years

Salary: $84,012

Candidates for State Senator were asked the following question:

Internet registration, no-excuse absentee ballots, and staying registered when you move are some ways to improve access to the polls for voters. How would you make it easier to vote in Pennsylvania?

16th State Senatorial District

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Lehigh County municipalities: City of Allentown. Townships of Heidelberg; Lower Macungie; Lower Milford; Lowhill; Lynn; North Whitehall; South Whitehall; Upper Macungie; Upper Milford; Upper Saucon; Washington; Weisenberg. Boroughs of Alburtis; Coopersburg; Macungie; Slatington.




D.O.B.: 1963

EDUCATION: 1982 + Allentown Central Catholic High School; 1986 + University of Notre Dame, B.A. in Business Administration/Accounting; 1993 + Temple University School of Law, J.D.

OCCUPATION: State Senator, 16th District; Attorney; Certified Public Accountant

QUALIFICATIONS: Member of State Senate + May 2005 to Present; Member of State House of Representatives + 1995 to May 2005; Senate Majority Whip + 2010 to Present; Senate Majority Caucus Administrator + 2009 to 2010; Senate Finance Committee Chairman + 2007 to 2010

RESPONSE: With advancements in technology, I believe it is important that we pursue easier and more convenient means to improve Pennsylvanians' abilities to register and to vote. I am a co-sponsor of a bill that would allow individuals to register to vote online. I would support internet and voting by mail, provided it is secure to ensure accuracy and validity. I would also support multi-day voting similar to voting provisions in other states.




D.O.B.: 1957

EDUCATION: Salisbury High School -1975; Lehigh County Community College Courses; AirForce NG Security Specialist; Allentown Police Academy Investigation School; FBI Fingerprint Classification School; Certified by Administration Office of Pennsylvania Courts as MDJ

OCCUPATION: Deputy Sheriff Northampton County, PA

QUALIFICATIONS: Former Human Relations Commissioner; Union President of Northampton County Deputy Sheriffs Association; 2nd Vice Chair + Lehigh County Democratic Committee; City of Allentown Democratic Committee. Community Activist for thirty years working hands on in our community///

RESPONSE: One way that I would make voting easy for the constituents is to support no excuse absentee ballots. One of the most important privileges one has is being able to vote. Providing no excuse absentee ballots to all REGISTERED people in our state so that they can vote either at the polls or via no excuse absentee ballot in a timely manner is fair.

18th State Senatorial District

vote for one

In Lehigh County: City of Bethlehem (Lehigh County portion). Townships of Hanover; Salisbury; Whitehall. Boroughs of Catasauqua; Coplay; Emmaus; Fountain Hill.

In Northampton County: Cities of Bethlehem (Northampton County portion); Easton. Townships of Bethlehem; Lower Saucon; Palmer; Williams. Boroughs of Freemansburg; Glendon; Hellertown; North Catasauqua; Northampton; Stockertown; Tatamy; West Easton; Wilson.

Republican: No Candidate



D.O.B. 1962 EDUCATION: BA, Political Science, Villanova University, 1984; MA, Political Science, Villanova University, 1985 OCCUPATION: Pa. State Senator, District 18 QUALIFICATIONS: Representative, PA House, 1994-1998; Senator, Commonwealth of PA, 1999-present; Minority Policy Chair, Commonwealth of PA Senate, 2011-present. RESPONSE: The role of government is not only to encourage citizens to vote, but to remove barriers making participation easier. Many of the ideas you suggest are good ones. I am the prime sponsor of SB 363, The Voter's Bill of Rights, that permits Independents to feel less disenfranchised by allowing them to participate in the primary process. Additionally, the bill would permit same day registration the day of the primary election.

40th State Senatorial District

Note: this is a NEW DISTRICT

In Northampton County: Townships of Allen, Bushkill, East Allen, Forks, Hanover, Lehigh, Lower Mt. Bethel, Lower Nazareth, Moore, Plainfield, Upper Mt. Bethel, Upper Nazareth and Washington; Boroughs of Bangor, Bath, Chapman, East Bangor, Nazareth, Pen Argyl, Portland, Roseto, Walnutport and Wind Gap. (Also parts of Monroe County.)

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Mount Pocono

Website: Scavello for Senate (Facebook)

DOB: 1952

EDUCATION: Theodore Roosevelt High School; City College of New York

OCCUPATION: State legislator

QUALIFICATIONS: Mayor of Mount Pocono 1994-1999; Chairman Monroe County Commissioners 2000-2002; State Legislator 2002-Present

RESPONSE: I believe with motor-voter a person can register fairly easy. I would support no excuse absentee. We are blessed with an adequate system of voting. Having provisional ballots available has assisted voters casting their vote on Election Day. Our problem is not getting people registered it is getting them out to vote. I believe educating voters on the importance of local elections would help improve the voter turnout on election day as well.




D.O.B. 1960

EDUCATION: 1978, Fleetwood High School, Fleetwood, PA; 1982, BA Haverford College, Haverford, PA; 1988, JD, Temple University Law School, Philadelphia, PA

OCCUPATION: Attorney/Partner at Davison & McCarthy

QUALIFICATIONS: 25 years of legal experience; Board member, various community organizations; worked closely with local entrepreneurs and small business owners.

RESPONSE: Currently, it is too difficult to vote in Pennsylvania. My first priority would be to repeal the Voter ID law. I would also push for same day registration and online registrations. Our students should receive better civics education. I would also strongly support Pennsylvania creating an opportunity for early voting or on a weekend, like many other states. All of these steps would contribute to greater citizen participation in our democratic process.



D.O.B.: 1963

EDUCATION: 1981 Pius X High School

OCCUPATION: VP/GM Windjammer Inc.; Mayor, Bangor Borough

QUALIFICATIONS: Mayor, Bangor Borough, 2001-2010, 2013-present; Northampton County Council, 2009-2010; PUC Advisory Council, 2003-2009; Founder/first President, Slate Belt Veterans Association; Member: Elks, UNICO, Knights of Columbus, VFW, American Legion.

RESPONSE: Getting young people involved early and continuing to encourage voting. Create a voter bill to allow 17 year olds to register early, if they will be 18 by the November election. Teach them as Seniors to participate in Democracy.


Wind Gap

D.O.B.: 1952

EDUCATION: Graduate Pen Argyl High School, 1970

OCCUPATION: Northampton County Councilman; Saw Operator, Penn Big Bed Slate Company

QUALIFICATIONS: Wind Gap Borough Councilman, 4 years; Wind Gap Borough Council President, 3 years; Northampton County Councilman, 2 years.

RESPONSE: By allowing early voting we can minimize low turnout at the polls on election day due to excuses such as bad weather, lack of a ride, or "couldn't fit it into my schedule." I will push to pass legislation to not only allow early voting, but internet registration, and no excuse absentee ballots as well. Online tracking of absentee ballots can help in the prevention of fraud.

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Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Note: All districts have changed since the last election. Allentown voters have one new district, State Legislative District 22.

State Representatives

Base salary: $84,012

Term: two years. Vote for one

Candidates were asked:

The PA Constitution promises the citizen clean water, air and land (Act 1 Section 27). What specific steps would you take to uphold this part of the Constitution?


Note: this is a NEW DISTRICT,

Allentown wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (div 1), 7, 8 (divs 1, 2), 9, 10 (div 1), 11 (divs 1, 2), 12, 14 (div 2), 16, 19.



No response



D.O.B.: 1978

EDUCATION: Penn State University; BA w Honors 2000; Allentown Central Catholic HS; 1996

OCCUPATION: Director, Community and Government Affairs, Sacred Heart Hospital

QUALIFICATIONS: Allentown City Councilman, 6 years; Chair, Finance Committee, City Council, 2 years; Chief of Staff to Rep Jennifer Mann, 8 years; LANTA Board of Directors (Past Chair), 7 years

RESPONSE: As State Representative, I will hold natural gas drilling companies accountable so that our open spaces will be preserved for future generations. I support a stronger extraction fee so that we can adequately fund our Department of Environmental Protection and generate added income that will allow us to address our school funding and property tax crises. I strongly support funding for our public transportation system (LANTA) as a key way to reduce our carbon emissions.


No response


In Lehigh County: Townships of Lower Milford; Salisbury (Ward 3, div 1); Upper Milford; Upper Saucon. Boroughs of Coopersburg, Emmaus. In Northampton County: Lower Saucon Twp. districts 1, 2, 4, 7, 8.



Upper Saucon Township

D.O.B.: 1986

EDUCATION: Southern Lehigh Senior High School, 2004; Saint Joseph's University, B.S. Political Sciences, 2008

OCCUPATION: State Representative + 131st District

QUALIFICATIONS: I have served as State Representative for the 131st District since my election in 2010, and previously worked as a Legislative Aide in the State Senate.

RESPONSE: I am committed to ensuring that the natural assets of Pennsylvania are protected for future generations. That's why, as State Representative, I helped make Pennsylvania's environmental regulations covering natural gas exploration among the toughest in the country -- to protect our water as we spark economic growth in this endeavor. It's also why I supported important funding for programs that help to protect and preserve Pennsylvania's open spaces and environmental assets.



Lower Saucon Township

D.O.B.: 1984

EDUCATION: Saucon Valley HS, 2002; B.A. University of Pittsburgh, 2008; J.D. University of Pittsburgh, 2013

OCCUPATION: Law Graduate

QUALIFICATIONS: Securities Arbitration Clinic at University of Pittsburgh; Urban Affairs Committee research staffer

RESPONSE: Pennsylvania's constitution represents an unwavering commitment to conserve the environment and its natural beauty. The Corbett administration and the Republican legislature severely cut the Department of Environmental Protection's funding during a critical time of expansive drilling for natural gas. I believe DEP must have the necessary funding to protect our citizens and preserve our natural resources. I propose DEP be funded by gas companies through a severance tax and not by our citizens.


Allentown wards 6 (div 2), 8 (divs 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), 10 (divs 3, 4), 11 (divs 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), 13, 14 (div 1), 15, 17, 18. South Whitehall Twp districts 1, 2, 7.


No candidates




D.O.B.: 1983

EDUCATION: B.A. (Political Science & Psychology), Muhlenberg College 2001, M.A. (Political Science), Lehigh University, 2005

OCCUPATION: State Representative, 132nd Legislative District

QUALIFICATIONS: Chamber of Commerce employee (2007-2012), Former aide to Representative Mann and County Executive Cunningham, State-certified Urban Revitalization Specialist

RESPONSE: We should tax Marcellus Shale extraction and use the portions of the proceeds to increase funding to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. I oppose ongoing efforts to weaken environmental protections and support efforts to enact Pennsylvania's Climate Action Plan; I believe that one of the biggest issues we will face over the next few decades is Climate Change, and Pennsylvania should have a leadership role in combating this issue.


City of Bethlehem (Lehigh County portion). Townships of Hanover; Salisbury wards 1, 2, 3 (div 2); Whitehall districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12. Boroughs of Catasauqua, Coplay, Fountain Hill.




D.O.B.: 1953

EDUCATION: William Allen HS 1971; San Francisco College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine + San Francisco, CA (graduated 1985); North American Academy of Advanced Asian Medicine; Doctor of Oriental Medicine (graduated 1994)

OCCUPATION: Licensed practitioner of Oriental Medicine; Small Business Owner, Lehigh Valley Oriental Medicine Centre, Tianming Herb and supplement supply, Qi Spa Day Spa

QUALIFICATIONS: Small business owner for over 25 years. ///

RESPONSE: "Clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment" to quote our Commonwealth's constitution, are an intrinsic part of our life on this planet. The question always seems to come down to whether we want to expend a million dollars of effort and new pollution to deal with excessive and antiquated regulations and lawsuits that make trial lawyers and NPO's wealthy, or to expend that effort in creating efficiency and cost reduction that creates less pollution and allows us to enjoy nature's bounty. ///



Whitehall Township

D.O.B.: 1947

EDUCATION: Louis E. Dieruff H.S. 1965

OCCUPATION: State Representative 133rd

QUALIFICATIONS: Hold this office

RESPONSE: Whatever action our Legislatures take action to do so.


In Lehigh County: Townships of Lower Macungie; Salisbury wards 4, 5; South Whitehall districts 3, 4. Boroughs of Alburtis, Macungie. Parts of Berks County.



Lower Macungie Township

D.O.B.: 1982

EDUCATION: Graduate, local public schools; Dual Degree in Finance and International Business, New York University; Master of Business Administration, Harvard University.

OCCUPATION: State Representative, 134th District.

QUALIFICATIONS: Current State Representative committed to protecting taxpayers, creating jobs, strengthening education and reforming government. Former Director of Policy for PA Department of Labor & Industry.

RESPONSE: I have been proud to work hand in hand with residents of our area on local projects where environmental preservation issues were at stake and environmental protection concerns were raised. As economic growth and expansion occur, they need to be handled responsibly. This means that we must always consider both the economic and environmental impacts as our community and the economy move forward.


No candidates

District 135

In Northampton County: City of Bethlehem (Northampton County portion); Township of Bethlehem (Part, Wards 02 and 03 [Part, divisions 01, 02, and 03]).

Vote for one


No candidates




D.O.B: 1960

EDUCATION: 1978, Liberty High School; 1986, Lehigh University, B.A. in Government

OCCUPATION: State Legislator

QUALIFICATIONS: I am a hands-on legislator with a long record of service to our community, and I am a consistent advocate for reform in Harrisburg.

RESPONSE: I am proud of my environmental voting record, which often earns scores of 100 percent from environmental organizations. I support the enactment of an extraction tax on natural gas drillers. I voted no on the flawed Act 13. And I opposed Governor Corbett's cuts to the budget of the Department of Environmental Protection. I will continue to support policies that protect our environment.

District 136

In Northampton County: City of Easton; Townships of Lower Saucon (Part

Districts 03, 05, and 06), Palmer (Part, Districts Eastern, Middle [Part Division 02] and Western) and Williams; Boroughs of Freemansburg, Glendon, Hellertown, West Easton and Wilson.

Vote for one


No candidates




D.O.B.: 1956

EDUCATION: 1975, Easton Area High School; 1978, Moravian College, BA History & Political Science, magna cum laude; 1984, Lehigh University, MA History.

OCCUPATION: Legislator

QUALIFICATIONS: State Representative, 1982-1994, 1998-present; Democratic Chairman, House Local Government Committee; authored Elm Street law to revitalize older neighborhoods; expertise in smart growth, farmland preservation, urban revitalization.

RESPONSE: I have a solid record on environmental protection, receiving high ratings from Penn Environment and Sierra Club. I cosponsored legislation to impose a moratorium on fracking in star\te forests, and require tougher standards on fracking to protect water sources and properly transport and dispose of fracking waste water. I support a gas drilling tax, using a portion of the revenue for environmental programs. I sponsored legislation to establish a more comprehensive approach to storm water management.

District 137

In Northampton County: Townships of Forks, Lower Mt. Bethel, Palmer (Part, Districts Middle [[Part, Division 01], Upper Easton and Upper Western), Upper Mount Bethel, Upper Nazareth and Washington; Boroughs of Banger, East Banger, Nazareth, Portland, Roseto, Stockertown and Tatamy

Vote for one



Upper Nazareth Township

D.O.B.: 1970

EDUCATION: 1989, Bangor High School; 1993, Lycoming College, B.A.; 1999, Kutztown, M. of Education. OCCUPATION: State Representative - 137th Legislative District.

QUALIFICATIONS: Serving my 2nd term as State Representative; Township Supervisor, 4 years + Board Chairman 2 years; 18 years as a High School Economics/American Government teacher.

RESPONSE: As both State Representative and an avid outdoorsman, I've worked to ensure the future of our state's environment. That is why I supported environmental regulations covering the natural gas industry that are among the strictest in the nation. It is critical that we are good stewards of our open space, farmland and other natural assets. I want to ensure future generations benefit from a clean environment and have worked to make that happen.


No candidates

District 138

In Northampton County: Townships of Bethlehem (Part, Wards 01, 03 [Part, Division 04] and 04), Bushkill, East Allen, Hanover, Lower Nazareth, Moore (Part, Districts Eastern and Point Phillips) and Plainfield; Boroughs of Bath, Chapman, Pen Argyl and Wind Gap.

Vote for one



No response



Bethlehem Township

D.O.B.: 1980

EDUCATION: B.A. Political Science and Sociology-Criminal Justice, Moravian College, 2002; William Tennent High School, 1998

OCCUPATION: Sales consultant with Thirty One and Lia Sophia; Previously Juvenile Detention officer/counselor.

QUALIFICATIONS: President, Northampton County Council of Democratic Women; elected County Democratic Committee Woman and area Chair; State Committee member; 15 years of political campaign field organizing, management and volunteering.

RESPONSE: I am committed to making our neighborhoods a better place to live in and work. This includes protecting/preserving our environment for future generations. We should invest in the growth of renewable energy. I support a permanent moratorium on oil/gas drilling in state parks/forests and on new sites until an adequate plan to protect all Pennsylvanians from its hazards are taken. We need to tax the Marcellus shale fracking at a minimum of 5% which will pay to restore funding for education, veterans/seniors benefits + social services.


In Lehigh County: Townships of South Whitehall districts 5, 6, 8; Washington; Whitehall districts 7, 10, 11. Borough of Slatington. In Northampton County: Townships of Allen; Lehigh; Moore districts Beersville and Klecknersville. Boroughs of North Catasauqua; Northampton; Walnutport.



Washington Township, Lehigh County D.O.B.: 1959

EDUCATION: Slatington High School; U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, B.S. Marine Engineering; U.S. Navy veteran (enlisted and commissioned)

OCCUPATION: Power Plant Operator, Northampton Generating Company

QUALIFICATIONS: Lehigh County Commissioner, 4 years: Restored Leaser Lake; Saved the LV Zoo; Established the D&L Asher F. Boyer Trail; Sustained or reduced county property taxes each year

RESPONSE: I will fight for a pristine Pennsylvania where woodlands and streams are protected from abuse. My father and grandfather left me with a deep respect for Pennsylvania's outdoor life. I will work for a Pennsylvania whose future is bright and promising. I will lead in preservation and land restoration efforts. We must also avoid detrimental over-regulation of energy production regarding our vast coal and gas reserves. I will build collaborative relationships to accomplish these goals.


North Catasauqua

No response




D.O.B.: 1962

EDUCATION: B.A., Social and Behavioral Psychology, California State University @ Longbeach

OCCUPATION: Director of Business Development & Marketing @ ABCO of Northampton, LLC

QUALIFICATIONS: Business owner/President of TLP Holdings, LLC; Board member for Connected in Lehigh Valley; President of Northampton Cty Democratic Women's Group; Northampton Team Leader for OFA (2012); Community volunteer for heart, cancer charities; ran for Allen Township supervisor (2012)

RESPONSE: I would, if elected, (1) work to impose stricter regulations on the coal, gas & oil industries, (2) sponsor regulations to forbid fracking for export, (3) seek more renewable energy research & development, (4) impose higher fees/taxes on natural gas extraction, (5) give more power to our state regulatory bodies, (6) lead a discussion on restricting or possible eliminating fracking altogether. We need to do a whole lot more to live up to the promise of our constitution.


In Lehigh County: Townships of Heidelberg, Lowhill, Lynn, North Whitehall, Upper Macungie, Weisenberg. Parts of Berks County.



No response


No candidates

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